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Friday, 15 March 2013

Getting own space !!!

While the little angle was away with mom at her grandparents place, I spent a lot of time to make a space what she will have it for self and enjoy with her toys. The search started with studying the options, designs and stuffs to collect from various places and online. The entire process and experience was fun though it took a lot of my weekends… but believe me all the effort was worth after seeing the happiness and smile on her face.

1    The facts that even infants need some space of their own is mostly neglected by Indian parents.. I know space is always at a premium once you add a new member and specially with middle class families in India. But if we are responsible for getting them to the world then better be thoughtful of the fact :)  Remember till the time they are toddler the safest place for your baby to sleep is in the room where you sleep, but not in your bed.

Some suggestion:
  • Selection of a perfect place
  • Color Patten will differ for Girl /Boy…. Or  gender-neutral if made before the birth. (if thinking of fresh painting then plan it in advance as it may produces harmful fumes)
  • No sharp edges
  • Wall mat protection
  • Use good bright colors around
  • Keep option for a DIM light
  • Decorate the place with some theme based stickers

Finally it’s time to get some soft toys, stuffed animals and rattles, avoid toys with fur and which gets tangled up. Fabric toys should be labelled flame resistant and should be washable. I suggest, First try with a few and once you get an idea what she/he likes then accordingly more can be added to the collection and this will also keep your baby happy for getting new toys. Anisha was more interested in teddy bear but I still use to get other toys for her to get angry and fight :) its fun how she loves and protects the dear ones and punish others toys !!!

Love You All...Anisha