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Monday, 17 June 2013

My First Train Journey

My First Train Journey -Mumbai to cochin

The First Rail Journey took place on 21 February 1804 at the Penydarren, but friends that’s history :)  Let’s talk of 21st millenium where Anisha Pillai had her first train travel on June 14, 2013- from Mumbai to Ernakulam (Cochin) and happy to share my story with you all lovely friends
I have been to Kurla station (A suburb in Mumbai) a lot of time .. intact from the time when I was very young… might be a few months old. And all the time it was to see off others… it has always fascinated me as there I happen to meet lot of my doggy friends. Here comes the day when I am going to take my first Train to Cochin (Kerala) looking forward for a fun filled journey.
At Kurla station
New Kurla Station

The New Kurla T

At Kurla Station

Inspecting the new station @ Kurla

There were 2 tickets booked as 1 of them was in waitlist, but dad still want to go in that as it was a morning train and I can see lot of Konkan as its beautiful in rains. It was a long wait at station as we reach early fearing famous Mumbai rain and traffic. But happy to know what our tickets were confirmed and got a window seat to enjoy the journey.
first train travel
In the train with my First Purchase :)

Finally the train started and that was a pleasant relief (people from Mumbai or travelled from Kurla station can understand what I mean :) )  anyways I was absolutely thrilled to look outside and seeing other travellers settled down with us.
my first rail journey
Taking my Afternoon Nap

After a shot nap when I woke up, the area the train was now crossing depicted a very beautiful cross section of land forms with greenery, hills, valley, fog and sometime small villages.      
Konkan route
View of river from Train
Konkan route
House near the train track

first rail journey
Our Long Long Train

The rail route runs parallel to the Arabian Sea coastline and offers some of the most spectacular views on an Indian rail journey. I have been on this route earlier also while going to Tarkarli  as the Konkan railway intersects national highway NH-17 at many places. Everyone feels I have a sharp memory ha ha

first rail journey
Take A Chill Pill

first rail journey
Netravati River-II

first rail journey
Netravati River-I


It was only at the halts, I would peep out and see the rush and life on the platform. Sometimes dad use to take me near the door to show places but mom keeps running and screaming what it’s dangerous ...but we chose to ignore :)      

Anisha on the train
Dabangg 4 -On the Train

Oh, what a panoramic beauty it all was. When the train crossed over different forms of land, wind, rains and the sounds it made were heard changing. The most fun past was when the train crosses tunnel or crosses over bridges with only water and water below, the sound was of gurgling...
During the day I saw a lot of places and stations, the train would not stop at some and stops at others .. not sure what the motorman was up to. Whenever it stops we all go down to see different shops and I search for some toys :)

Anisha on the train
Shopping Center at Station!!

Anisha at a station
Dad and me at one of the Station where no one is intersted in traveling :)
On the Rail

Anisha and mom
Me and Mom

At each station I could get a scene of civilization and after that again the nature would take over
By evening people started setting up bed and for dinner and this is the time when i started missing my Didi /Bhaya CD which I use to watch daily at home. But to compensate mom showed some rhymes in her Tab.. All happy and had a comfortable sleep with dad.

Learning time with mom- Rhymes classes

After a comfortable sleep we again got up and continued the same fun and saw a lot of new places. Our train was all like a compact home with all amenities, a look at nature and also human around was like a beautiful paradise packed up as one presentation package for me.

Who installed this signboard?

Anisha's Pic
Engine Taking Rest

Anisha's Pic
Green Green

Anisha's Pic
Green Green Everywhere!!

Anisha's Pic on train
Tracks and Lines

Anisha's Pic
River with water :)

Again water in River..

The twenty six hours had just flown by and by noon it was all in a mood of packing up. As people around stared getting down at their respective stations.

Anisha's Pic
Taking a rest before the final count down..

I was sad as all the fun was coming to an end but was happy at the same time to see my grandparents …who were also waiting eagerly for me..
Reached the Destination

Me At Cochin Station 

Finally said adieus to my train and saw it moving ahead on its journey. And we got into the hustle and bustle of Cochin City which welcomed me with good rain showers     

Anisha at cochin
At Cochin Home With A Grand Lunch


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Black Sunday – Mundan at Home

My Mundan at Home

It was a relax Sunday morning and having fun as no one was in hurry to go anywhere…but was not sure that my world would come down in such a way !!!
From the day I was born there were good silky hair and dad use to give me various designer hair styles. With the time it grown and soon I was using colorful hair bands and clips and had a good collection too.  

My First hair style after birth
All these happiness were short lived as people around me started talking about my hair and it became a topic of discussion from my Grandparents to all Uncle/ Aunts around me. The only help I could see was my dad who was not ready to get this done and manage to drag this for more than a year.  

Good Girl Style

Single Choti 

Double Choti 
Funky Style

Style @ Six

Finally the day came when a person was call home to get the Mundan done… at first I didn't realized what is happening as I was kept busy on my uncles laptop but later when I saw my beautiful hairs coming down…  I protested!!! but all in vain as more powerful people were around me…
The news was first broke to my grandma at Cochin by mom and the phone was on speaker, she was so excited.. I felt like she was holding her breath for sometime for this to happen. By evening the news spread all around the world!!

Story around Mundan:

Mundan  or the chudakaran is shaving of baby’s first hair. According to the religious texts a soul gets human body after experiencing 84 lakh yonis. It is said that every yoni has its influence on human birth. A child’s hairs on the head are shaven as a gesture of purification from the previous yonis. WoW!!   The child usually receives his/her first mundan in either the first year or the third year of age. A priest is called to conduct the rituals according to the traditions and a barber is called to shave off the hair..
There is a significant reason as to why the head is shaved in such an elaborate ritualistic way. According to the Hindu beliefs, the hair present at birth is supposed to represent unwanted traits from the past lives. In order to make sure that the child has no undesirable qualities of the past birth in this life, the head is shaved off to ensure a new beginning and a fresh start.

The only change my dad had done is that he decided the date and time , no priest called and no offerings in temple. And most importantly he made a promise to me that this is the last time he is going to allow any such thing to me .... Im all Happy ..Ding Ding 

My New Style Statement


Thursday, 6 June 2013

18 Months Old - A Year and half!!

Hi world.. today I turned one an half year… It was very exciting for my parents and me.  I don’t think it is necessary like I don’t think it is necessary to celebrate any other day with the loved ones. We need to just celebrate what should be celebrated every day.

There was no cake. No singing. No presents. No, um, nothing… but I still cherish the togetherness. There are so many events to share on my 18 months update and not sure where to began. I have grown in inches and gained pounds, but it’s simply amazing how much things have changes in last 3 months. Started walking, 2 new teeth and total of 6 now, passed the potty training, picking up new words ..learned some bit of Malayalam, Hindi, English and not to forget Marathi :)

Anishas pic with her friend doggy
With My Friend Doggy


As my dad says…  it’s not the party but rather the acknowledgment of how truly we feel blessed for reaching this milestone in life…he was happy that I was healthy and beautiful as ever :)

And there is a warning message for all  … As no one will be spared if its repeated and no gifts given when I complete 2 years and celebrate my actual Happy Birthday :) I would be ready with my bucket list!!!

Take care and Ciao Ciao