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Monday, 12 May 2014

Moving to a New state, city, town, house

After spending my initial days in Mumbai and Cochin now it was time to move to a new place…Baroda. Yes that’s where my mom is transferred and we choose to stay in the company campus and which was like a mini jungle.
I can see an apprehension on everyone’s faces … and that’s , what if I would not be adjusting with the new place, people, friends  and home… finally the day came when we have to shift and we decided to drive down to the new city.
It was a beautiful day and we decided to drive from Mumbai to Baroda and reached our new home by noon. The new veed (New home) was small but beautiful with lot of greenery around and not to forget a big balcony which we all miss in Mumbai. And this is where our blessing starts when we wake up in the morning.... with the sun shining bright telling you welcome to a new morning and a new day.
It’s been all most a month that I have staying here and made lot of friends …. Not from human race ..but all from animal kingdomJ  In fact there are 6-7 small puppies near the garage. I wait for my dad to come on the weekend so that I can play with them and give them milk and biscuits.
I have lot many other friends in the area like parrots, peacock, cows,  big doggies, squirrels …… and lot of colorful birds!!!
In this entire process what I learn is ..getting more out of your close relationships can go a long way, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes you're at a point where you need to meet entirely new people and to adapt them all with open heart.
And not to forget with all these changes I am getting a new school soon but there is still some more time to start the next session so till then vacation time... Ting
Another important factor which i cannnot miss about this new place is this dude called Modi…. Full name “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar” heard a lot from people around and also while out for my evening ice cream near the dairy circle.. though never met !!
I miss all my friends in Mumbai, but thanks  Mark Zuckerberg and mom who keeps me updated on all thru Facebook J  and not to forget the frequent call I have with dad to keep him posted on my progress till the time I get my own Facebook page!!