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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Talking Without Words

These days the only thing I do is talking..talking and talking. People around me looks amazed, happy and confused most of the time :) but some times I too get confused and think if at all they are getting my point and what i want to say. Its a enjoyable  transformation and the point is when I can pick up things from all then others should also be ready to learn my language…

During the initial first year it was countless ba-ba-ba’s and ma-ma-ma’s but now now i have started repeating words thrown on me and the next challenge was to form my own full sentence..And the first came by calling my mom and ask her to put on my favorite night time CD. People around was so thrilled that they didn't allow me to sleep

Anisha at LULU center - Cochin

I am doing good on the learning front as i have also started answering the phone, which is sometimes my toy phone, sometimes house phones and sometimes i use my hand, and carry on a full conversation with wrong nos off-course. Soon i am planning to give my house nos to all my friends as dad has refused to get me a cell..

Me and My Doggy

Waiting for the day when others understand my language and give me what i ask for :) But its ok as its only humans who make mistakes and parents are also human...... i can manage for some more time!!! For now i have my daily conversation with my friend doggy and elephant and have a gala time with sharing our chit chat..

Anisha in conversation with her Elephantdoo

The most favorite word used is No... and i use while shopping too and that's when my mom gets frustrated and my dad supper happy...Dont know the reason yet!!

Recently i peeped into my dad's compute and here's what i found ..... I am sure he is working extra and using some online tool to learn it fast :)

Hearing your toddler talk in her own language is an incredible, amazing thing to watch as a parent. I am ok with the pace its going right now, people think parents should instantly know what baby need. The bridge to the communication is trust the child have with the parents. Just picking up when they cry will let her know that you're there and can believe in you. And with the time just like with any relationship, you and your baby will get to know each other really well and will not need any translators in between :)


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Visit to Kerala in Monsoon

This was a special vacation, as I was taking dad with me back to Cochin (Kerala, India) after a long time..last he was here when I was moving back to Mumbai. And to make this memorable the travel was booked on Indian Rail via beautiful konkan route and to top it the place were all green and rain rain everywhere with monsoon in full swing… I was so happy to see different colorful bright umbrellas all around, it was like roads full of big flowers :)

Feeling Fresh with the Nature

Baby pics
Rajni pose near the river bank
Rajni Pose II

At home my grandma (Ammamma) and grandpa(Apoopa) was eagerly waiting for me and I was also happy to see them after such a long break. But as soon as I got in and settled the search started for the person who was not to be seen and the room was all empty … I kept calling all day and thought he has gone to office … but later came to know that I wont be able to see my favorite Krishmama. Later spoke to him in Germany and also ordered for some cool stuffs from there :) the shopping list is something very secret between us so not disclosing ha ha  

Cute baby pics
Enjoying with Nature at Ancestors Place

Later we all went to our ancestors home and spent a day close to nature, the specialty of this place is it has a big river just on the backyard and during rains its all full and overflowing. So this time I decided to learn some fishing with local friends out there, it was a good learning session with and we even got some fishes too. Dad says starting a hobby early in life is always good and with Powai Lake in front of our house in Mumbai, thought of giving a try :)     
ME and Dad did some photography

Exploring Nature
Women Power in family..Me, My Mom and Gandma

Attending fishing classes with my friends !!!

Vinod Uncle showing the catch rate
With Local Fishing Guru''s
With other Trainee's

With the continuous rains and all the time surrounded with these elders, I was getting bored.... that’s when I got a pleasant surprise and saw my cousin Ananya coming down from Chennai. Now the fun starts.. Post that it was all full of toys, tabby and long Ipad rhymes sessions … Ahhhh this is life

Ananya & Anisha
Spending some quality time while moms busy shopping



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