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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Oh Crap!! Potty Training

Day by day all my luxuries and privileges are taken away and getting restricted by all these worldly disciplines and so called way of living.. And in this series, the new addition was doing potty at the right place. Yes you all guessed it right …my dad got me a potty training gear!!
Potty Training

Of all the things in the world, is this a gift he should get for me !!

Never thought it’s such a looked for event by parents. Nevertheless when I saw it for the first time, I was excited as you all know how much I love gifts. To start with it was all rosy ..but later when I was forced to sit on it repeatedly  and people started making funny noise and actions, I started getting irritated.
Anisha watching TV
While Watching Rhymes!!

Nowadays early morning after my milk session, someone will pick me and bring me straight to the potty chair… it took me sometime to understand and also realized that one more privilege has been taken
away. Earlier I had all the luxury of lying in bed and do whatever I want till late morning and there were people around to take care..zing

Potty Training
Potty in Style

But I was proud and happy with the fact that it was my very own potty chair and need not share as others do at home. It been personalized by writing my name on it and decorate it with stickers.

As said by some great person “knowledge shared is gained”, now after 2 month of getting introduced to the potty training chair- I am a PRO and currently in the process of teaching other friends… Eshnu
(Elephant) is the first one to get trained :)

Anisha with her Friend
Teaching What I Learned To My Friend !

Helping your toddler during this period need a lot of tact, time, tolerance, and creativity. For the first time, parents may become aware of their child's learning style and their teaching style. Also it’s important to wait for the clue as to when they are ready and try not to push your little one before he/she is interested.
Anisha Pillai
The Morning Bell Has Rung :)

Few people in fact told my dad that start it between 2 to 3 years.. but looks like he was in a hurry , as that’s the time when they have enough muscle control to hold urine in their bladders for a few hours. But nevertheless, I do take pride in successfully learning the process.

I truly believe, Everything in life there is a season. Just wait patiently for the right time before you start pushing…. When it happens, it means it's time, enjoy what I'm doing, and it always brings a genuine feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Hope you all Agree :)