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Saturday, 18 May 2013

My first road trip with Mom, Dad and Grandma

Anisha at Tarkarli

Its a family friendly vacation destination and one of dad's long pending Must see places. We started early morning in our car to cover most of the distance and take a break near to lunch time. Finally decided to halt at Chiplun and checked into a hotel for lunch and called off  the day at 3.00pm and spend evening scrolling around the small town. The next day we planned to start early but finally got delayed and started at 9.00 and reached out Tarkarli at 3.00pm.

At Chiplun 

Anisha at Chiplun
Chiplun Ride

Dinner at a Malvani place but for me it was again dal - rice.... dont know when  will people consider me a big girl :)

From the Mumbai it's around 500km on the Mumbai –Goa highway to reach Tarkali. There were many home stays and eating options with Malvan cuisine and most of them are beach facing. But we stayed in a nice resort near to the beach…and all thanks to moms +Samsung tab for navigating the route. 

Tarkarli Beach
Early Morning at Tarkarli Beach

MTDC Tarkarli boat house
MTDC Tarkarli boat house

Tarkarli Beach near MTDC

In short, a lot can happen in a week... it was a fun filled one week of chilling, relaxing, lot of eating by all and me on baby food and Dal rice.. and not to forget the surfing on the sea beach. This was my first visit to any beach and experiencing  all these holding my dad’s finger close to me and mom busy clicking our pics....Mastercard wala priceless :)  The thing I liked the most was our daily routine visit to the beach for a morning walk. I loved the waves touching my feet and the sand just whispering out slowly under me… all this was so much fun and me on top of the world. 

Anisha and dad on the walk
Walk the talk with dad
Walking on the beach


At the end when we reached hotel, it was sand on my feet, sand on my jeans..sand everywhere.. but all was fun at the end with mom screaming and me having a good bath with dad :)

My photo shoot on the beach by dad while rest all fast asleep at the resort…it was fun.... only me and dad on the beach


We also went to see the snorkeling point and by the time dad went deep into the sea I was fast asleep … but later saw what all he did on the camera

Snorkelling point off Tarkarli beach
Snorkelling point off Tarkarli beach

From Snorkelling point we went to see the fort build by Chatrpati Shivaji. It was OK, nothing excited me as such, but my grandma felt very proud of the king and his farsightedness to build a fort in the middle of the sea.

Snorkelling point Tarkarli
On the boat to Snorkelling point Tarkarli

Anisha at Sindhudurg fort Tarkarli
@ Sindhudurg fort Tarkarli

Lunch halt at one of the home stay resort !!

 Karkarli beach

Anisha's profile

Post Lunch nap at hotel .. nothing more can we asked ....

After my photo shoot Fishermen uncle took the boat for fishing and promised to get some fish for me... Life is Good :)

Boating at Karkarli beach

 Karkarli beach

Fishing at Karkarli beach

On the last day we fixed up a boat ride at Devbag village which is on the sangam(intersection of River and Sea) of Karli river with Arabian Sea to have a view of dolphin sight and Tsunami Island. 

Pictures taken on the way back to Mumbai via Kolhapur... and dad showing off some of his post processing skills !!! We stopped near a sunflower field for some clicks....

sunflower farm
Red Sunflower - My dad's invention :)

Anisha at the sunflower farm
Original me and mom @ Sunflower Farm 
sunflower farm
Green Sunflower :) will not say anything now...
Anisha's visit to tarkali
Ladies in conversation...

I don't want to go back
Anisha at Kamat cafe near pune
Anisha at Kamat cafe near pune

Finally we said Adiós to the beautiful small beach town and started back to Mumbai. While back we took the Kolhapur way just to check a different route and decided not to have a stay over and was back home by 10pm. It was a long tiring journey but on moms shoulder enjoyed each moment. As the same I may never get once grown up…….

Visit to tarkali
Time to say Ta Ta Bye Bye


Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Visit To Flemingo Point - 14-04-2013

Flamingo Watching Location Mumbai

It was a lazy Sunday and dad mom wake me up at 5.00am in the morning phweee.... Well once we hit the road it was all fun as the roads were free and the car in full speed.  Thought dad was in a #%$$%#$ mood as me and mom took sometime to get ready and he was worried about the early morning light getting missed for photography. In Mumbai there are very few locations to watch flamingos..  they are Sewri, Mahul Creek (Chembur) and Naigaon. And our trip was to the Flemingo point at Sewri.

Anisha's picture
At Flamingo Point with mom
Anisha's picture
Flamingo Point

Finally to our luck we reached the spot on time and it was amazing to see so many lovely birds from far countries visiting us. Those pink feathered flamingos were so pretty to watch and i feel like getting a ride on them... i tried calling them but all the bird watchers and professional photographers there to get a glimpse looked at me and said shuuuuuuuuu.

Flamingo poinjt
Colony of flamingos

It was total fun to see these pink birds in thousands and Mumbaikars getting up so early to greet and meet these wonderful guests. 

Flamingo pictures

Flamingo pictures

Flamingo pictures
At Flamingo Point with Friends 

Overall the visit was a pleasant experience and we ended the trip with a good breakfast at the famous Sai Krupa cafe near Sion. Dad has promised that we will be visiting these friends when they are back next year.. so for now i wished all of then happy journey!! 

Anisha on the walk
Not in a mood to return back home :)

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