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Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Visit To Flemingo Point - 14-04-2013

Flamingo Watching Location Mumbai

It was a lazy Sunday and dad mom wake me up at 5.00am in the morning phweee.... Well once we hit the road it was all fun as the roads were free and the car in full speed.  Thought dad was in a #%$$%#$ mood as me and mom took sometime to get ready and he was worried about the early morning light getting missed for photography. In Mumbai there are very few locations to watch flamingos..  they are Sewri, Mahul Creek (Chembur) and Naigaon. And our trip was to the Flemingo point at Sewri.

Anisha's picture
At Flamingo Point with mom
Anisha's picture
Flamingo Point

Finally to our luck we reached the spot on time and it was amazing to see so many lovely birds from far countries visiting us. Those pink feathered flamingos were so pretty to watch and i feel like getting a ride on them... i tried calling them but all the bird watchers and professional photographers there to get a glimpse looked at me and said shuuuuuuuuu.

Flamingo poinjt
Colony of flamingos

It was total fun to see these pink birds in thousands and Mumbaikars getting up so early to greet and meet these wonderful guests. 

Flamingo pictures

Flamingo pictures

Flamingo pictures
At Flamingo Point with Friends 

Overall the visit was a pleasant experience and we ended the trip with a good breakfast at the famous Sai Krupa cafe near Sion. Dad has promised that we will be visiting these friends when they are back next year.. so for now i wished all of then happy journey!! 

Anisha on the walk
Not in a mood to return back home :)

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