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Saturday, 16 November 2013

A month with Kangaroo Kids

A ha… friends,  here comes a new twist to my daily routine…Play School !!!   Well it all started few days back with discussions at home as to where I should be sent and also visiting various schools in the nearby

Anisha at Kangaroo kids
My Play School - Kangaroo Kids 

Till now I was already having a busy schedule with getting up early in the morning, having my bed milk, play with my toy friends, make tea and food for all in my kitchen (It’s the latest addition to my gifts, will share  the story about it sometime soon) take bath , afternoon nap and then finally meet all friends in the building for updates… now the whole point and confusion was to fit the school in this busy
schedule. phewww
Anisha at school

After the entire search operation my mom and dad zeroed down on Kangaroo Kids - Powai which is very near to our place. And we selected the second slot from 11am as my parents know how busy Im during the morning hours  :)

On a weekend I was taken to the new school to show me the place and meet all teachers ….I was all thrilled as there was a huge set of toys, cycle, sand dunes and my cartoon friends drawn all around. At first go itself i was like lets start the fun ASAP.

Anisha at Kangaroo kids powai
Waiting for my class

All set for the class

Im ready... lets move

My School Bag

School dress

My Kangaroo

Different Moods

And the D day arrived -My first day at the playschool will always be a moment for pause, the entire family was there with me to the school and all attended the trial session with me :) more than me the rest of my family members were skeptical about how I will manage this change. In-fact for first few days my grandmom used to wait downstairs for me to complete the school so that I need not wait or get worried for not seeing anyone after the class gets over.

In Conversation 

Only Self Study

Me and Friend

Self Study

Teaching the teacher

One on One 

Traditional Day at Kangaroo's 



Attending the trail Session

Soon the trial session ended and I was all set to join the school and which was a real fun and suddenly I felt that I am no longer a toddler and it was a huge spectrum of change even for all around me.  From the day I have joined, a new set of world has emerged in front of me… Daily learning new rhymes and narrating the same back at home (not sure how much they get it as many time I saw them searching on youtube ) With teachers, it was fun to make / learn creative activities like drawing, colouring, finger painting,  crafts and the best part was gifting them to parents back at home.

All my collection of hard work from school

My Masterpiece collections  

Now that I have completed 1 month at school, there are lot of good memories … learning new things, my first teachers (Shruti ,Deepa, Vanita ) and made my first few friends (Samara, Raghav, Purav …. Other
name I am still to remember). It was a wonderful time sharing bday parties, Traditional dress day, Diwali celebration, Party for Grandparents and attending the vacation camp :)

IM A BIG GIRL NOW !! And these days the song I know just know how to whisper ….. Papa kehte hain bada naam karega :)

After a hard day.. Over and Out :)

Some pointers to be taken care of while preparing for schooling
  •             Visit the play school in advance and get to know the details
  •       Meet the teacher’s  
  •       Obtain the school handbook
  •       Shop together for required school supplies
  •       Obtain a class schedule and activity chart
  •       Spend time together before school commences
  •       Be supportive but also learn to let go.