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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


The first out door sport I learned was running, not sure how I got into this but … I loved the phrase “ Ready steady and GO…

And to my luck it was running which was kept as the event for us on the sports day at school and what’s where I got my first lesson on the competition …. But in all It was fun practicing the running with my friends and getting applause from all teachers…
Later, I was so possessed that I have even started practicing at home and make all do running from one room to another… the morning starts with asking mom and dad to be in line and run towards living room and the rest of the day with my grandmother J
When I go down I do it with all my friends … Sharya, Diya, Vignesh ….. from the building we just do running running and no bitching around and wasting time. We were like dedicated to our practices session during the one / one and half hours we use to get together in the evening!!

Finally the day came when I have to participate in the school sports day and all at home were more tensed on whether I will run silly is that !! But as we all came to the track from the hold area the first thing I did was to search for my mom and dad in the crowd but could only find just before reaching the finishing point.
Once I saw them the blood in me was doubled and started running in all the lanes … and this will be part of my life’s wonderful experience down the memory lanes

All's well that ends well… I got my first medal!!!


Click Click Click ....

From the day I was born the only thing I keep seeing is my dads camera, and it was so often that was kind of obvious to get fascinated with the entire process of clicking :)
Earlier I only used to give possess and mostly with some attitude as I never for paid hmmmm
But with time I started to get into his shoes and start learning to click and finally decided to get some lessons on photography. It was an interesting phase and process but the only issue was lifting the camera ..its too heavy man :( As I started insisting for the camera I can see how scared people are of the competition I am going to cause.
At first people around me were reluctant to give camera to me for practices but later they understood who is the boss at home !! They even tried to fool me with some dummy camera and promised to get some child proof camera … but I put my foot down.
Sometime I think are all more worried about the camera!! Anyway I am in no mood to look back …… now on its just going to be Click Click Click
Now I get the camera whenever I want or when dad or mom is clicking :) I am just waiting for the day when I can hold it and walk around clicking… now it’s mostly done by keeping it down at one place or use the tripod .. But not sure why people were laughing when I was taking pictures.
But I am grateful to all the lovely people around as all give and agree to be my model… including the tedi bear, doggy , little tom, honey bee and all other friends …..
Soon the goal is to try and photographing everyday life from my Point of View. It’s so amazing to see things evolve around me. Let me see by when I can start doing this … till then the job is delegated to my parents…. :)
And not to forget … Me and my dads takiya kalam (favorite phrase) for the click was from the film Dabangg “Bhaiya Ji Smile” you can find some of the pictures taken below with all the fun we had while clicking and learning