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Thursday, 19 December 2013

24 months, 104 weeks,730 days, 17520 hrs, 1051200 mins ….

I turned 2 years and that’s precisely 24 months, 104 weeks,730 days, 17520 hrs, 1051200 mins ….  I have been here with all you wonderful people. To celebrate this mega event dad and mom had planned a marathon celebration. To start with first at my school (Kangarookids Powai ) share the cake cutting with my partner Diya who is also born on the same day but just that I am 2 hours elder to her…. and believe me that’s a proud feeling  :) It was a nice and different experience to celebrate with all my friends and teachers.

Post that my dad arranged to share the celebration with some needy people staying at an old age home “Prem Daan” near Airoli.  Prem Daan, started in 1992, has over the years become a 'home' for all of these abandoned women.

Anisha's Bday Party at play school

Anisha's Bday Party at play school

Anisha's Bday Party at play school

Anisha's Bday Party at play school

Anisha's Bday Party at play school

Anisha's Bday Party at play school
Anisha & Diya 

Anisha's Bday Party at play school

Sister Meera, who is the head of the home was kind enough to explain all the details to my dad when he visited , she also informed that , All these women were picked up from the streets of Navi Mumbai. Often, the police have brought in women who were in need of urgent medical attention and care. They have some help to care and look after their daily needs. But with 150 of them, they continuously look for help from society who have forgotten them.

Anisha and Tom

Picture perfect with mom

Bday Shopping 

I was not taken to the home this time but parents are planning to help them regularly and will be visiting the place soon. And from next time dad said we will make sure that my birthday celebration will be defiantly shared with some needy people.

Celebration at Home

And now it was the time to have some fun with all my building friends , there was a party arranged for all my friends at 7 in the evening. I had a gala time getting all the attention and  collecting  gifts. But more than anything I enjoyed the time spend with all. Not very sure about my parents as most of the time they were running around and post the party cleaning the mess :) 

In all I had a rocking time with Diva, Sarghun, Shraya as we all share the same wave length :) rest all were elder to me and taken good care of me all the time.

Anisha and Diya after the party at school

Anisha's Bday

Celebration at Home
Cake Cutting

If you are thinking this is the end ….. A big NO.  Morning  of 6th Dec we started for a weekend road trip to Shirdi-Nasik as both mom and dad had taken a leave to spend time with me.  It was all a fun drive with mild winter around and the entire family “me , mom, dad and my achamma (my grandmom) in a car. The entire route was amazing with green fields and big fans all around … it was fun as I have never seen such huge fans.

We stop by at various places for milk and sugar cane juice and others had their usual drink – Tea. Finally we reached Shirdi and checked into a nice Hotel room and went for Darshana of Sai baba in the evening. With the VIP pass it was a quick Darshan compare to the line we saw outside. The next day morning after breakfast we checked out but I kept on checking with dad and mom if we can continue in the nice hotle room “ Hotel room nice hai …ghar nahi jana hai” but all gave a deaf hear to my request.

We started for Trimbakeshwar via nasik which was again 120 KM from Shirdi .. its considered to be a very holy place but the way it was maintained I was not allowed to step down and all the time on my dad and which is the best way I consider for sightseeing :)

At Sula vineyard

Grand mom and me 

The next day we visited RamKund and Sita gufa(cave) near panchavati… after seeing these places my dad explained that sita was defiantly a gym goer that’s the reason she was able to live  in such tiny cave with narrow path and doors … and later advised me also to join gym phewwww …. With the look on my face he understood that it’s not the right time to take on this topic and we moved on to Sula Vineyards to have some good Wine for dad and we all had some good cheese and snacks.

@ Sula Vineyards

The wine yard was a nice place to sit, relax and spend time with food and loved ones. But as all good things comes to a end we too packed up for Mumbai. But I was not willing to give up that fast .. dad /mom had a tough time to get me back in car ..they settled me with some good hot milk and finally  back in our sweet home at Powai

Will miss mom and dad as they will be back to work … but happy that I will be back with my kangaroos and friends ……